The Sequel

So I’ve been writing the sequel to Broken Crown for the last few weeks.  Ok, months. I’ve been working on it for months.  I thought it would be easier.  Note I didn’t say easy, I said easier. I know writing is difficult. You’ll critique your own work, hate and love it all at the same time.  You’ll think your characters are stupid, and then go back to how awesome they really are.  Sequels are no different.

I’m doing a sort of experiment with Wattpad at the moment. I’m literaly uploading the first draft.  Which means that in a few weeks, those first few chapters will change dramatically.  They already have, I just haven’t uploaded them.

Why am I doing this?  Well, partly so I can see how much it changes and the reactions from the readers, and partly so those that are reading my stories on there realize that the first draft of anything is normally terrible.  Ok, so maybe not terrible.  But it definetly changes the more you wrte and revise.

It also helps keep me in check.  I upload once a week, which means I have to have a chapter ready.  So I have to write every single week.  Not every day, because lets be real, I have other obligations, like laundry and food.  But, if I can carve out enough time every week to put some words down, I’m that much closer to finishing the first draft.

Do y’all have a way that helps you complete your novel?  Like I said, this is my second one, so I know I can do it.  But that one took 18 months, and I would really like it if I can complete this one before 2018!!

Alright, I need to go.  I need to write.  And eat.  Probably not in that order!


Missy Q


One thought on “The Sequel

  1. You just followed me on Twitter, so I decided to see what YOU were about. While I’m not into fantasy novels, we do share one trait–we’ve dedicated lots of sweat & tears to an art form that’s killed many–and not in the stories they tell.
    You asked (in your blog of Aug 9) for ways to finish your book.
    I’ve written 12, plus 1000’s of “short pieces” over a 50 year period.
    I remember meeting a woman many years ago who told me she felt intimidated by the size of a book—and how long it would take to write one.
    (She had yet to finish a book!)
    I told her to write ONE PAGE a day—about 300 words–and do this every day for a year.
    After 365 days, she would have a 365 page “book”.
    Not perfect, not even the final version, but 365 pages of a “book”!
    My writing now mainly is for my blogs–and that mainly goes to my blog called Aaron K’s Track and Field Record Book.
    I’ve posted over 300 times since starting it in December of 2013.
    I started a 2nd blog a year later (Dec ’14) called My Cultural World.
    That’s probably what drew you to me on Twitter.
    I read through most of your blog’s archives—from the beginning.
    You have a lot of passion for your art.
    So do I.

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