Word Goals

Writers live on word counts.  Ok, I do.  The first draft I wrote for Broken Crown was right around 30,000 words.  I knew that wasn’t good enough for a book.  It had to be longer.  Meatier.  It needed more.  A lot more.


It took a lot of time to write that book, and I was constantly worried about my word count.  So now, I’ve decided to have a word goal everyday.  I strive to write 1000 words everyday.  On one of my two stories.  Some days, I don’t make it.  Life gets in the way.  Like dinner.  And laundry.  Apparently my husband wants to eat food and thinks I should have clean socks.  (To be fair, my husband works a 40 hour job and runs his own business as well.  And still helps around the house.  He isn’t a slacker, so don’t get your pitchforks!)

But, everyday I try.  I figure if I can stick to my 1,000 word goal everyday, I’ll be done with a first draft after 2 months.  2 months!  That seems totally doable.  And way less time than my first one.  That one took 18 months.  Mainly because I kept stopping and thinking I was crazy for thinking I could be a writer.

So, if you get overwhelmed about the thought of having to write an entire book, or rewrite an entire book, break it down.  1,000 words.  Or 500 words.  Take it a day at a time.  Take a deep breath.  And remember, you and your family still need to eat.  And have clean socks.  The world won’t end because you didn’t get to your laptop.  Until next time!

Missy Q

It’s Published

So, I did it.  I published Broken Crown on Amazon.

It was the scariest moment.  I waited.  I worried about it.  I didn’t know if the story was actually ready, even though I had been back over it what felt like a billion times just to make sure.  And then I did it.  I pushed publish.  And waited.

I gave it away for the first five days.  And I feel like the copies I gave away were worth it.  I know I’m not going to be able to quit my job next month and live off the one book.  The point is to get my name out there.  To see if the rest of the world likes the little world I created.

I’ve sold copies.  Not a ton, but enough that I feel like I’ve made the right choice.  I’m still scared.  Still cautious.  But I’m also optimistic.  I’m still writing.  I have the sequel that I’m plugging away at and a new story that I’m super excited about.  Mainly because I’ve decided to give her a slight foul mouth and I love that.

All right, I’m off to go write a new chapter.  Have a great day!!

Missy Q